Four months.



D.B. Reading List: Home Game, An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood

I’ve been reading Home Game: An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood by Michael Lewis, who also wrote The Blind Side andMoneyball. Only about halfway through so far, but I appreciate how he puts on paper the things so many dads are feeling and thinking but are afraid to express. His brutal honesty ends up being winsome.

Similar to Lewis, I had a dad who was (by his own admission) somewhat hands-off when it came to raising young ones. To his credit, he was still a phenomenal father, and I’m quite grateful for him – I certainly caused him plenty of trouble when I was younger. Still, times have changed and the post-post-modern paternal unit is expected to be much more proactive. Frankly, it’s an honor to be more involved, but the truth is most of us are just making it up as we go.

It’s nice to have brothers in arms like Lewis telling it like it is. As I get a bit more experience (and, of course, sleep), I’ll be working through my own thoughts on the calling of daddyhood here, so stay tuned.

Oh, and since the main reason most of you drop by is to see pictures of the kiddo, here’s his 3-month shot that I neglected to post since we were on the road:

Our little monster is 3 months old today! #babybeanmiles

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(Thanks to CC and DC for sending the book!)

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Two months!

Two months! #babymiles #babybean #babybeanmiles #twomonths

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Miles hit two months last Friday while we were down at my parents’ place for a family reunion. All nine of his cousins (plus his extended cousins) have had a fun time playing with him:

Outake for Miles' two-month milestone.

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Meanwhile, Marilyn and I are excited that he hit a separate, more important #milestone a couple days ago: sleeping through the night. He didn’t repeat the feat last night, but we’re still hopeful that this will become a habit.

Full Moon

Since Miles was born on Cinco de Mayo (barely missing the now infamous Cinco de Cuatro), that means we get to celebrate Cinco de XXX every month.

With the help of Marilyn’s parents, we’ve been observing a loose version of the Chinese traditional post-partum recovery time. It’s literally called Sit Month (坐月子), and involves a whole lot of soup, not so much showering, and no going out. It’s been a long month – to be more specific, the days have gone by quickly and the nights have gone by slowly.

It feels like my Grinch of a heart grew three sizes the day Miles was born, and has continued expanding ever since. I’m sure all you well-adjusted and emotionally healthy people aren’t that surprised, but I keep a pretty compact emotional range, so this is new.

I’m headed back to work soon, so I’m getting ready to try my hand at juggling fatherhood and blogging. More on that later.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, M’s going to ease back into the outside world by going to pick up a pizza in a bit. Living large, I know.

Hello, Fatherhood.

It’s been a wild ride, but baby Miles is finally here!


7 pounds, 5 ounces. 20 inches tall.

He’s been a fabulous baby so far. He got so cozy this morning that he refuses to wake up and slept through all sorts of prodding tests.

He did, however, tear Mommy on the way out, so she’s got some recuperating to do.

The emotional high associated with having a baby has been quite different from what I expected. While I did feel a surge of love for the kid when he first arrived, it actually turned out that the love that was growing for him while he was in the womb was deeper and stronger than I realized. Now that he’s in the real world, we get to redirect those emotions.

I’m in way over my head here. Stabilizing his wobbly head, changing his diaper while he’s kicking around, trying to put that tiny hat on his head with one hand, keeping his arm down while trying to pull off a nice swaddle. Those things will get better with time, but the fact remains that tasking a human with the care and nurture of another human is an act of faith. Shortly after the birth, Marilyn was wheeled out of the room so they could repair the tearing, and I was tasked with holding the baby skin on skin while we waited. Needless to say, it was overwhelming to sit there and try and take care of the little guy. I’ve always been pretty hesitant to hold other people’s newborns it felt like too much responsibility.

Now that responsibility is mine and I have no choice but to rise to the challenge. On my own, there’s no way I’d ever be fully ready to raise a child, but it’s showtime, and, by God’s grace, I won’t screw this up too much.

Checked In

Okay, we’re admitted and getting settled in our room at Kaiser. We ended up not going to the hospital last night, so I got some sleep at home while Marilyn monitored her contractions. Things picked up this morning, so we headed over here around 7:30am.

Baby seems to be pretty normal so far. He’s a bit of a sleepyhead, so it took a few tries to wake him up to monitor his heartbeat. Hopefully he’s willing to forego a nap or two to enter this world.