“Being Pregnant Is Awesome”

I asked @beijingbean to make an "America is amazing face."

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Hello from Marilyn’s parent’s house in Hacienda Heights.

We were a bit worried about the trans-Pacific flight, as we’ve heard several horror stories from friends who traveled while pregnant. Thankfully, M had a pleasant experience. In fact, at one point during the flight, she turned to me and exclaimed: “Being pregnant is awesome.”

I’m pretty sure that’s the first time she’s said that. Not that she’s had a rough pregnancy so far, but she did have a bit of nausea during the first trimester.

On the way to the airport on Monday, she got her first seat on the subway. Some girl was sitting and looked at her belly, then up at her, then back at her belly, then up at her, and eventually asked her, “Would it be more convenient for you to sit?” A very safe way to ask.

At the airport, we leveraged her condition to board early. M’s dad was flying with us and he managed to convince the flight attendants to let us sit in two unused bulkhead seats in front of him.

There’s a probably a whole other post worth of material about what it’s like being pregnant in China. Our Chinese friends and coworkers are very protective of preggos, and everybody’s got advice for her on what she can or can’t eat and can or can’t do.


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