Kicking It

A karate enthusiast named Kyle (shown in costume), and two of his brown-belt buddies (shown in street clothes), demonstrated some kicking and Karate techniques.

Another milestone: Marilyn thinks she felt the baby kick today. It’s around the time when it should start happening. M’s actually been feeling some movement for the past week, but I’ve been skeptical and have been chalking it up to gas. This was the first time when she felt pretty confident that it was actually the kiddo.

She got some serious prep done on the being a mother front this week when I had to take my sister and brother-in-law to the hospital and she stayed behind with their three kids, which include a teething (but heart-breakingly cute) 8-month-old. She did a fantastic job looking after them, so I guess she’ll probably do okay when she has one of her own.

Between Thanksgiving, a wedding and then my family reunion, our first week here in California has been a frantic one, but it’s been great seeing everyone. Tomorrow, we’re on our way up the Bay Area. Whee.

Our next big milestone is to find out whether we’re having a boy or a girl, and we might find out tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Image credit: Flickr / Mike Baird


One thought on “Kicking It

  1. I think feeling the baby’s first fluttery kicks is so exciting but the best part is when dad can feel it from the outside! I’m excited for you both! I remember later on in my pregnancy I’d be asleep next to my husband and if I faced him the baby would roll and kick againt him and wake him up. 🙂 I hope your in laws are ok after their hospital trip, great work juggling three kids, Marylin!

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