A Quick Update

Baby’s progressing along nicely. Marilyn had a doctor’s appointment earlier this week and everything seems to be normal. We’re still waiting on the results of her fasting glucose test, as she’s being checked for a possible gestational diabetes. I’m not sure what that really entails, but we’re told that it’s quite common among Asians.

M’s been having a blissful second trimester so far. She keeps leaning over to me and telling me how much she loves being pregnant and how she wants to be pregnant forever. Weird stuff. I’m totally going to remind her what she said when she hits the third trimester and has trouble sleeping.

By the way, you should definitely get the Snoogle pillow (affiliate link just because I can) if you’re pregnant. I might even start using it for my own belly (which is apparently the equivalent of 5 months along, as M passed me up a few weeks ago).

I’ll have to wait until we move and get a bigger bed, though, as I don’t think we could fit two Snoogles onto our current one. On that note, goodnight.


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