Full Moon

Since Miles was born on Cinco de Mayo (barely missing the now infamous Cinco de Cuatro), that means we get to celebrate Cinco de XXX every month.

With the help of Marilyn’s parents, we’ve been observing a loose version of the Chinese traditional post-partum recovery time. It’s literally called Sit Month (坐月子), and involves a whole lot of soup, not so much showering, and no going out. It’s been a long month – to be more specific, the days have gone by quickly and the nights have gone by slowly.

It feels like my Grinch of a heart grew three sizes the day Miles was born, and has continued expanding ever since. I’m sure all you well-adjusted and emotionally healthy people aren’t that surprised, but I keep a pretty compact emotional range, so this is new.

I’m headed back to work soon, so I’m getting ready to try my hand at juggling fatherhood and blogging. More on that later.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, M’s going to ease back into the outside world by going to pick up a pizza in a bit. Living large, I know.


2 thoughts on “Full Moon

  1. Pretty soon you’re going to start crying at Hallmark commercials. And all those commercials featuring cute little kids growing up.

  2. Great picture of Miles! He looks so big & mature in this picture. We’ll see you all at family reunion.

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