D.B. Reading List: Home Game, An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood

I’ve been reading Home Game: An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood by Michael Lewis, who also wrote The Blind Side andMoneyball. Only about halfway through so far, but I appreciate how he puts on paper the things so many dads are feeling and thinking but are afraid to express. His brutal honesty ends up being winsome.

Similar to Lewis, I had a dad who was (by his own admission) somewhat hands-off when it came to raising young ones. To his credit, he was still a phenomenal father, and I’m quite grateful for him – I certainly caused him plenty of trouble when I was younger. Still, times have changed and the post-post-modern paternal unit is expected to be much more proactive. Frankly, it’s an honor to be more involved, but the truth is most of us are just making it up as we go.

It’s nice to have brothers in arms like Lewis telling it like it is. As I get a bit more experience (and, of course, sleep), I’ll be working through my own thoughts on the calling of daddyhood here, so stay tuned.

Oh, and since the main reason most of you drop by is to see pictures of the kiddo, here’s his 3-month shot that I neglected to post since we were on the road:

Our little monster is 3 months old today! #babybeanmiles

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(Thanks to CC and DC for sending the book!)

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2 thoughts on “D.B. Reading List: Home Game, An Accidental Guide to Fatherhood

  1. Looks like an interesting book. I’m expecting my first little one in the next few weeks. I should pick this up! : )

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