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Ok, let's do this. #bradleymethod #week33

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So we’ve been back in the US of A for a little over a month now. To be completely honest, time has moved rather slowly as we’ve been transitioning. In between getting situated with work, Marilyn and I have been traveling back and forth between our parents’ houses to get time with both families. Lots of visitors have been coming through to see my parents, so we’ve enjoyed catching up with relatives and family friends, even if under sobering circumstances.

I’d set the month of April as a mental marker for baby’s arrival since M’s due date is the 30th. All that stuff I’ve been putting off is now going to have to get done. My mind still threatens to explode when I think about the fact that I’m about to be a father, but we’re just going to have to roll with it.

We started taking birth classes a few weeks ago, and that’s really helped us wrap our minds around what we’re about to go through. Marilyn went with the Bradley Method, aka Husband-Coached Childbirth. Any illusions I’d had about shirking any responsibility during labor are gone, as I’m now on the hook for helping baby get born. M seems quite happy with the setup. By way of recommendation, our instructor, Renea Capozzi Cotto, has been hugely helpful.

If I’m not too busy coaching, I’m hoping to live tweet/instagram the birth process, though I’ll try and keep it fairly PG. Watched a very un-PG birth video the other day and it was intense. If I’m able to have a computer open, I’ll also drop updates here, though you’ll have to forgive me if I end up doing a recap.


A Quick Update

Baby’s progressing along nicely. Marilyn had a doctor’s appointment earlier this week and everything seems to be normal. We’re still waiting on the results of her fasting glucose test, as she’s being checked for a possible gestational diabetes. I’m not sure what that really entails, but we’re told that it’s quite common among Asians.

M’s been having a blissful second trimester so far. She keeps leaning over to me and telling me how much she loves being pregnant and how she wants to be pregnant forever. Weird stuff. I’m totally going to remind her what she said when she hits the third trimester and has trouble sleeping.

By the way, you should definitely get the Snoogle pillow (affiliate link just because I can) if you’re pregnant. I might even start using it for my own belly (which is apparently the equivalent of 5 months along, as M passed me up a few weeks ago).

I’ll have to wait until we move and get a bigger bed, though, as I don’t think we could fit two Snoogles onto our current one. On that note, goodnight.

Kicking It

A karate enthusiast named Kyle (shown in costume), and two of his brown-belt buddies (shown in street clothes), demonstrated some kicking and Karate techniques.

Another milestone: Marilyn thinks she felt the baby kick today. It’s around the time when it should start happening. M’s actually been feeling some movement for the past week, but I’ve been skeptical and have been chalking it up to gas. This was the first time when she felt pretty confident that it was actually the kiddo.

She got some serious prep done on the being a mother front this week when I had to take my sister and brother-in-law to the hospital and she stayed behind with their three kids, which include a teething (but heart-breakingly cute) 8-month-old. She did a fantastic job looking after them, so I guess she’ll probably do okay when she has one of her own.

Between Thanksgiving, a wedding and then my family reunion, our first week here in California has been a frantic one, but it’s been great seeing everyone. Tomorrow, we’re on our way up the Bay Area. Whee.

Our next big milestone is to find out whether we’re having a boy or a girl, and we might find out tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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Early Days

So I’m starting this blog early because I’m not even actually a dad yet. God willing, I’ll be one in about 6 months though.

Here’s the little guy/gal chilling in the womb.

Marilyn and I are of two minds as to whether baby’s sucking its thumb or picking its nose.

Anyway, still working out how often I’ll be posting here, since I spend most of my days (and some of my nights) blogging elsewhere.

I’d be up for other guys/dads guest-posting on here, though, so hit me up if you’re interested.

Also, Marilyn has informed that she might want to post here, too, so we won’t be all daddy, all the time.