Hello, Fatherhood.

It’s been a wild ride, but baby Miles is finally here!


7 pounds, 5 ounces. 20 inches tall.

He’s been a fabulous baby so far. He got so cozy this morning that he refuses to wake up and slept through all sorts of prodding tests.

He did, however, tear Mommy on the way out, so she’s got some recuperating to do.

The emotional high associated with having a baby has been quite different from what I expected. While I did feel a surge of love for the kid when he first arrived, it actually turned out that the love that was growing for him while he was in the womb was deeper and stronger than I realized. Now that he’s in the real world, we get to redirect those emotions.

I’m in way over my head here. Stabilizing his wobbly head, changing his diaper while he’s kicking around, trying to put that tiny hat on his head with one hand, keeping his arm down while trying to pull off a nice swaddle. Those things will get better with time, but the fact remains that tasking a human with the care and nurture of another human is an act of faith. Shortly after the birth, Marilyn was wheeled out of the room so they could repair the tearing, and I was tasked with holding the baby skin on skin while we waited. Needless to say, it was overwhelming to sit there and try and take care of the little guy. I’ve always been pretty hesitant to hold other people’s newborns it felt like too much responsibility.

Now that responsibility is mine and I have no choice but to rise to the challenge.¬†On my own, there’s no way I’d ever be fully ready to raise a child, but it’s showtime, and, by God’s grace, I won’t screw this up too much.


Early Days

So I’m starting this blog early because I’m not even actually a dad yet. God willing, I’ll be one in about 6 months though.

Here’s the little guy/gal chilling in the womb.

Marilyn and I are of two minds as to whether baby’s sucking its thumb or picking its nose.

Anyway, still working out how often I’ll be posting here, since I spend most of my days (and some of my nights) blogging elsewhere.

I’d be up for other guys/dads guest-posting on here, though, so hit me up if you’re interested.

Also, Marilyn has informed that she might want to post here, too, so we won’t be all daddy, all the time.