World’s Best Father

Came across this “World’s Best Father” photo series today. So delightfully subversive while also addressing typical daddy fears.


Checked In

Okay, we’re admitted and getting settled in our room at Kaiser. We ended up not going to the hospital last night, so I got some sleep at home while Marilyn monitored her contractions. Things picked up this morning, so we headed over here around 7:30am.

Baby seems to be pretty normal so far. He’s a bit of a sleepyhead, so it took a few tries to wake him up to monitor his heartbeat. Hopefully he’s willing to forego a nap or two to enter this world.

Here we go!

Okay folks, M’s getting some pretty regular contractions, so we’re heading off to the hospital. I might have overpacked. Might be a false alarm, but rest assured I’ll do my best to live-tweet and blog whatever the heck it is.

Thanks for all your support!

Any Day Now

Well, the kid’s due date has come and gone. Marilyn’s getting some signs of early labor, but nothing regular. At this point, we’re just waiting from day to day to see when he decides to take the plunge. Keeping my batteries charged. We’ll let you know if things pick up.

Goodbye, Beijing

So @beijingbean wanted to take our unborn child up on the Wall.

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A bit of news: Marilyn and I are leaving Beijing this Saturday. Our departure has come unexpectedly as we had planned to have the baby here (and stay here indefinitely), but a family situation back in California has called us home.

We’re quite sad to be leaving this city, (notwithstanding its toxic air, water and food) and we do hope to return.

We arrived in Beijing in 2008, just a couple months before the Olympics. We witnessed the city’s final sprint to the Games, the resulting letdown that fall once the world moved on from Beijing, and then the financial crisis.

Maybe I’m just a late bloomer, but it definitely feels like I finally grew up into a responsible adult in Beijing. A lot of that has to do with the fact that we’re headed home with a baby on the way.

Speaking of which, I’m still planning on being a daddy blogger. I’ll have to decide whether to change all my @beijingdou usernames across Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, etc. To be completely honest, I’ve wondered whether my hesitation to leave Beijing was because I was already invested in those handles.

If you’re wondering about work, I’ll still be writing for The Next Web, just based in LA. I’m hoping to continue to keep an eye on developments in China and Asia, so feel free to keep pitching me stories. And, please drop me a line if you’re involved with a startup or tech company in southern California.

As we did in Beijing, Marilyn and I will jump right into eating our way through LA’s deliciousness. We haven’t settled yet on where we’ll write about it, but I’m sure you’ll see plenty of it on Instagram. M’s got some calm before the storm that is a baby arrives, so we’ll keep you posted if she decides to start a new site.

Beijing friends, you have helped make the past 4+ years a joyful time and an exciting adventure. We’ll miss you all dearly. I’ll hope to see you in the future, and sooner than the distant future envisioned by Tupac:

A Conundrum

It's A Trap! (237 / 365)

I’ve kept a¬†personal blog¬†over at Blogger since Marilyn and I moved to Beijing, but I’ve dropped off posting over there. Part of the reason for that is the fact that it’s blocked in China, so I have to post from VPN. Given that the blog is about Beijing and inaccessible to most people here seems like such a downer. But somehow, it being blocked wasn’t the only reason I steered clear.

After throwing this blog together the other day, I’ve realized that the text of the blog isn’t blocked (because it’s on its own domain), but the photos are, presumably because they’re hosted by WordPress. So I’ve made a couple steps of progress here, but I’m going to have to find a workaround for this. Flickr embeds will work, and also has a new embed integration with Instagram that might come in handy here.

Anyway, here’s to hoping that I can get the friction to posting low enough so that I can write consistently, blocked or not.

Photo: Flickr / somegeekintn